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Why Co-Marketing?

Looking back on Marketing in 2023, what do Barbie and PopCorners have in common?

Each is a co-market ad champion. Barbie’s many co-market ad partners included Burger King, Crocs and Uno, among others. Before Barbie, PopCorners & Breaking Bad launched their co-marketing ad campaign on the 2023 SuperBowl. Each broke through the deluge of clutter and delivered needle moving ROI. Most ad campaigns, by contrast, do not deliver above average returns on investment.

Following the launch of MutualMarkets, which makes co-market advertising really easy to do, we asked our initial brand clients if they remembered the PopCorners & Breaking Bad ad and most said yes. Nobody thinks their “yes” response is odd until we ask what other ads that ran in the last 9 months they remember. The answer is typically not many.

Yet, despite its proven power to break through in a big way, the amount of co-market advertising is minimal, less than 1% when compared to what we call mono or self ads. And this, as demonstrated by both Barbie & Pop Corners is the amazing opportunity in 2024 just sitting there for brands that understand the value of alliances.

Unlock Co-Marketing With MutualMarkets

Co-marketing is one of the best options for engaging a new audience, generating sales, and achieving your campaign goals. MutualMarkets AI powered platform analyzes not only your business, but vast amounts of data to identify the most relevant co-marketing partners for your business. We take into account factors such as industry relevance, customer demographics,  and brand values to ensure a seamless and effective collaboration. Once we’ve identified your perfect  partners, we connect you with them directly so you can create break-through campaigns. 

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