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The Most Anticipated Super Bowl Ads of 2024

The 58th Super Bowl is set to take place in Las Vegas on February 11, with the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers preparing for one of sports' most significant events. As anticipation builds, major brands are finalizing plans for the year's most impactful advertising showcase.

CBS Sports has announced that the 2023 NFL regular season was the most viewed since CBS resumed coverage in 1998, with 30-second commercials going for as much as $7 million. In addition, the halftime show promises to be a highlight, with Usher performing in a production by Apple, marking the end of Pepsi's decade-long sponsorship. Lastly, the presence of Taylor Swift, expected to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce, adds a layer of celebrity interest, drawing younger fans to the NFL.

Here are some of the most anticipated ads for what is shaping up to be an epic Super Bowl Sunday. 

  • The e.l.f. Cosmetics Super Bowl advertisement is shaping up to be one of the event's most celebrity-packed spots. The preview has already showcased a lineup of luminaries, including Meghan Trainor and actors from popular series such as "Jury Duty" and "Suits." Notably absent from the ad, however, is Meghan Markle, arguably the most renowned member of the "Suits" ensemble.

  • Uber Eats unveiled a teaser for its upcoming Super Bowl commercial, featuring the iconic duo, David and Victoria Beckham. The teaser cleverly reenacts a memorable scene from their Netflix documentary, "Beckham," sparking laughter with a nod to a viral moment. In this scene, Victoria references her "working-class family" roots, prompting David to urge a more truthful account of her upbringing. Fans familiar with the documentary will find this playful homage particularly amusing.

  • Paramount Plus has assembled an eclectic mix of personalities for its spot, including Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Patrick Stewart, and characters from beloved TV shows and animations. The ad humorously explores the scenario of using a football-shaped head to make a crucial throw to escape an icy predicament​​.

  • OREO enlists Kris Jenner in a commercial that imagines pivotal historical moments being decided by the twist of an OREO cookie, blending humor with the brand's iconic twist, lick, and dunk ritual​​.

  • Starry introduces its product with a fresh ad featuring rapper Ice Spice, emphasizing the brand's appeal for something more refreshing and crisp, accompanied by animated lemon and lime characters​​.

  • Pringles taps into Chris Pratt's charm by casting him as the chip mascot, leading to humorous situations and a quirky exploration of his resemblance to the Pringles man​​.

  • Budweiser returns to its roots with a nostalgic ad featuring the Clydesdales and a Labrador retriever overcoming a snowstorm to deliver Budweiser to a local bar, striking a chord of perseverance and teamwork​​.

  • Michelob ULTRA combines the appeal of soccer and celebrity by featuring Lionel Messi and Jason Sudeikis in a beachside soccer-themed commercial, showcasing the light beer in a fun and active setting​​.

Other notable commercials include Doritos bringing back Dinamitas with Jenna Ortega, Reese's Cups teasing a potential recipe change, and Hellmann’s tackling food waste with Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson. 

Featuring a mix of celebrity appeal, comedic elements, and innovative creativity, Super Bowl Sundays ads aim to do more than merely promote products. The buildup of anticipation for these commercials amplifies the Super Bowl excitement, integrating the ad breaks into the event's overall entertainment experience, just as much as the on-field action.

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