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MutualMarkets' Best Practices for Cross Platform Marketing

Managing marketing efforts across multiple platforms can be challenging, but a necessary step to achieving your KPIs. Here are twelve best practices to ensure your cross-platform marketing strategy is effective.

Introducing Generative AI on MutualMarkets

MutualMarkets, which pioneered the world's first AI enabled co-marketing ad unit (CMAU), allowing brands to partner with and license TV show assets, announces today that brands can now leverage the MutualMarkets generative AI directly on its website, without having to sign up.

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ADWEEK CommerceWeek Recap

MutualMarkets had the pleasure of attending ADWEEK #CommerceWeek. It brought together industry experts from a variety of sectors, including digital gaming, grocery, marketing, and more, to discuss how brands can create frictionless experiences to engage consumers across a fragmented retail landscape.

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The Best Co-Marketed Super Bowl Ads of All Time

Dive into the most iconic Super Bowl commercials that perfectly blend creativity with pop culture, transforming advertising into a continuation of the stories we love. From the heartwarming magic of Volkswagen x Star Wars to the unexpected twists of Bud Light x Game of Thrones, these ads not only capture our attention but become a part of our cultural conversations

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The Most Anticipated Super Bowl Ads of 2024

The 58th Super Bowl is set to take place in Las Vegas on February 11, with the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers preparing for one of sports' most significant events. As anticipation builds, major brands are finalizing plans for the year's most impactful advertising showcase.

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How to Leverage AI in Your Marketing Strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the marketing industry by offering unparalleled insights, automation, and personalization capabilities. It is enabling marketers to understand their audiences better, create more effective campaigns, and enhance customer experiences.

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Why Co-Marketing?

Looking back on Marketing in 2023. What do Barbie and PopCorners have in common? Each is a co-market ad champion. Barbie’s many co-market ad partners included Burger King, Crocs and Uno, among others. Before Barbie, PopCorners & Breaking Bad launched their co-marketing ad campaign on the 2023 SuperBowl. Each broke through the deluge of clutter and delivered needle moving ROI. Most ad campaigns, by contrast, do not deliver above average returns on investment.

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Co-Marketing 101: Everything You Need to Know

Co-marketing, where two brands or businesses that share similarities unite their advertising efforts to pursue joint promotional efforts, is an essential part of a any marketing strategy. Co-marketing can drive expanded reach, increased ROI, and heightened brand equity and awareness.

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