About Us
Welcome to MutualMarkets
& the magic of Co-Marketing
Welcome to the world’s first Co-Marketing Platform where you can easily form brand alliances and launch co-market advertising quickly.
As a brand, you want to differentiate yourself. Nothing does that better or faster than co-marketing. In general, well-chosen co-market advertising performs 3X better than single brand advertising. Co-marketing has existed since the beginning of modern marketing but until now, it has been time consuming to arrange and that has limited its usage. Yet, there is no form of marketing more powerful than advertising with the right partner to get you noticed by consumers.
At MutualMarkets, we harness artificial intelligence to provide you with partner choices doing in seconds what previously took months. Our AI-powered Platform turns an analog process relying on phone calls, lists, meetings, and tedious negotiations over standard terms into a modern way to form brand alliances and quickly deploy inspired advertising.
You will discover partners that share your values and possess loyal audiences. By allying yourself with the content (TV, Movies, Gaming, etc) that your consumers already love you will be far more likely to create ads that compel attention.  This is key at a time when ad targeting via invasive tracking is disappearing and customers are less likely to notice your ads.  You need a new tool in your marketing kit.
With MutualMarkets, you now have the means to identify the best co-marketing partners given your goals. We provide easy, standard terms to engage in what we call short burst 90 day co-marketing ad campaigns.
This is what modern marketing looks like.